JVF Phase 2: repositioning and showcasing the abundance of intangible musical heritage of Rajasthan and its rural musician communities

There are numerous local rural festivals celebrated in Rajasthan, in the context of the crop cycles of the region, or the Hindu calendar. JVF only supports (financially and with expertise) those festivals that actually bring all sections of society together, not excluding festivals where local gods are worshipped and their myths celebrated. Where there are no festivals, JVF creates them to provide a platform for the arts.

  • Creating Rural Regional Festivals; distinct from local village fairs these festivals are organised jointly by the Rural Arts Program and local citizens and serve primarily as a means to generate income (for the artists). These festivals are also social platforms for networking and cross-regional forums for artists to get together. Artists get a chance to stay with each other and get a chance to see performances from other parts - it expands their awareness and inspires them to reflect on their own work.
  • Valuing local knowledge: by identifying new creative talent, showcasing local heritage features and skills, the festivals draw attention to the value of local and traditional arts.
  • Strengthening local Networks: the Program links with local arts groups initially visited during the village fairs and invites them to perform at the rural regional festivals.
  • Empowering local management: the Program appoints a local regional coordinator as the liaison between JVF and the surrounding villages (it is this person who facilitates the organization of the rural regional festival). The program organises a 2-day bi-annual meeting for the coordinators to discuss the effect of regional festivals, workshops, livelihood opportunities and any other concerns.